Beirut :

The capital of Lebanon, has been called the Pearl of the Orient. Beirut's National Archaeological Museum exhibits some of the relics ap its long history.

Baalbeck :

The importance of Baalbeck to the Roman Empire is explained by the bonds which united Rome to this country. Successively this city suffered through different battles, its monuments suffered further under the Crusaders ( 1176 ) who changed them into strongholds in the XIII th Century.

Tripoli :

The second largest city of the Lebanese Republic. Today, the castle of St. Gilles is the only remains of the Crusader's 180 years reign. The 5000 years of Tripoli History are reflected in a fresco of 100 diverse monuments, an eloquent reminder of the glory of Arab architecture throughout the ages.

Byblos :

The most ancient city of the world, 36 k.m from Beirut, was known by the Phoenicians under the name of JOUBL, the Phoenicians whom the alphabet was invented by them. The French alphabet is derived from the Greek, which in turn is derived from the Phoenician.


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