Syria has a land of 185.000 k.mē of which about 8 million hectars are cultivated , about one million hectars are irrigated and the balance is rainfed .
The total population is estimated at 17 million and about 50% classified as rural . 
Economic growth has fluctuated substantially over recent decades , But has generally been higher than population growth . With real poverty almost entirely eradicated from nation . 
In Syria there are 14 governorates and Damascus governorate is the Capital .
The main language is Arabic but most of the Syrian people could speak English - French and other languages . 


Syria is part of the Mediterranean climate system with hot summers and cool winters and with precipitation concentrated in winter months . 
In Syria you can distinguish the four seasons during the year . The average temperature in Autumn and Spring between 20-25 degrees , in Summer between 30-35 degrees , in winter between 5-15 degrees , So winter is moderate and rainy at coastal area , cold at the midlands , but is not considered very cold compared to Europe . 


In Hotels, it is very easy to get long distance phone calls or fax to any distance, and what is interesting is that the charge is less after midnight. Out side the hotel, you can make a phone call in a phone - Cabin which is available everywhere in all the main towns , using the local card necessary, or in one of the postal offices, which are downtown.


15 Mar. Till 14 June.
10 Sep. Till 15 November.
20 Dec. Till 15 January.

16 Jan. Till 14 March.
15 June Till 10 Sep.
20 Nov. Till 19 December.


Local currency is called Syrian Pounds ( Lira ) , 
Its exchange rate in banks is 1 $ = 51.5 Syrian Pound.


Banks start dealing at 8.30 till 12.00, but for the exchange offices, which are in Damascus down town, it starts at 8.30 till 19.00 plus in 5 or 4 stars hotels .


No dealing with credit cards in Syria , except for Individuals to settle their bills in 5 stars Hotels, and this does not include groups, neither for issuing tickets, nor for shopping, even for Individuals.


The official holiday in Syria is Friday on weekly basis, but the holiday of Museums and Castles, i.e. All Historical monuments is on Tuesday. The monuments start welcoming people at 9.00 till 16.00 according winter time and 9.00 till 18.00 according summer time on daily basis, and as mentioned before except Tuesdays. 
Shopping available from 9.00 till 20.00 in winter and from 9.00 till 22.00 in summer in old and new souks such as Al Hamidieh - Midhat Pasha in the old city , Al Hamra - Bab Touma - Handcraft in the new city . 


WINTER TIME : + 2 HOURS G.M.T From 01 Oct. Till 31 of Mar.
SUMMER TIME : + 3 HOURS G.M.T From 01 Apr. Till 31 of Sep.


All kinds of Restaurants are available in Syria, and most of it open 24 hours , and you never miss the chance to taste the Syrian food, and Drinks ( Arak and local Wine ) and enjoy its taste.


You can find night clubs in five stars hotels and four stars hotels, as well where you can enjoy both dinner and dance , and some times you find a show in the night club and a belly dance, and there are night clubs in the city, as well.


TAXIS : Which is available during 24 hours , it has a counter which may give 
approximately from 25 - 100 SYP ( 1/2 - 1 USD ) inside the main cities . 

TRAINS : Inside Syria, you can use the train to move around all cities.

PLANES : Some of the Syrian cities are reachable by air ( Domestic flights ) , such as Aleppo , Lattakia , Kameshly , and Deir Ezzor .


The electricity voltage in Syria is 220 volt, and when having with you a machine of 110 volts, using an adapter, which is available every where, can easily solve the problem.


Airport distance from the center in Damascus 35 k.m. , in Aleppo 15 k.m. , and in Lattakia 20 k.m.



Visa to Syria Could be obtained free of Charge upon arrival to Any boarder for Groups and Individuals if it is arranged by our agency.


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