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Dear Colleagues ,,,, 

Travel nowadays is not only for pleasure , but also for education , if you want to enjoy both of them Cyrrhus for Travel & Tourism invites you to visit Syria , Jordan & Lebanon . 
We offer you unforgettable holiday by visiting the most distinguished places in Syria , where man has been living for over than million years . 
In Syria different civilizations are summarized : 

And Moslems : Ommayyad - Abbassid - Toulonid - Ikhshidi - Hamadani - Fatemite -
Seljuke - Ayoubite - Mameluke - Ottoman and reaching up to the modern age . 
IN BRIEF , if you have visited Syria , you have visited the whole world . 

We would like to put our experience at your disposal by offering you our excursions and programs starting from half a day .. Full day .. One week Two weeks at your leisure . 

Our representative will usually wait for you next to the immigration counter to assist upon arrival for visa and entrance formalities . 
In case of group of more than 8 persons a collective visa is guaranteed upon arrival , but less or individual tourists must have an entry visa in his passport issued by the Syrian Consular Office in his country . 

You are welcome in Syria - Jordan and Lebanon , we are always ready to offer our service in the time that suits you with the suitable transportation , hotel accommodation , authorized Syrian touristic guides . 
And if you have a study tour or a special program we will execute your program with pleasure But remember that Tuesday is a holiday for the museums and the historical sites in Syria . 

Best Regards

Cyrrhus Tours 
Mouffak Al Boukai 
General Manager


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